Who is trishelle from real world dating billy jeffrey dating in the dark

Sloth wrote: I had others tell me [Red] suffers grave illness when it's convenient ... But he would be a good source on confirming the Georgia/Dottie theory and other magazine-related mysteries.Brutus: The answer to your question about the exploding condom in the JBD-066 trailer is a wishy-washy yes, it's sorta there.

It's like people are coming back over here to get their perv fix when they can't look at the videos on You Tied.

Or maybe they check in here to see why You Tied went down.

At any rate, the two sites definitely seem to go hand in hand with a lot of the same people visiting both.

Billy Pilgrim - your untested theory is quite probably correct - so many crossover companies, so many stage names - hell, Michelle Bauer alone had at least five so why not Georgia and Renee and all the others.jhlipton - I may take a chance and pull the trigger on this one - little indie with torture and sexual humiliation so what the hell - at the very least maybe some good compilation material - besides, with Lt.

Uhuru in it we may get a special guest appearance by William Shatner :).

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I'll link to the JBD-075 trailer once You Tied is back. Apparently I was correct in my assumption that this was a bandwidth exceeded issue.

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