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Over on Jasmine's Instagram, she shared a photo of the couple screaming in excitement, along with the caption: 'We said YES.'Bachelorette Sophie Monk wasn't going to miss out on the celebrations either, hitting the caps lock key over on Instagram.'HORRAY! They were not silenced and love prevailed,' the touching message read.

It was accompanied by an image of her cuddled up to girlfriend Maegan on the beach, the lovers watching a beautiful sun-set over the ocean.

Leading the charge was Ellen De Generes, who along with Australian wife Portia de Rossi, was personally invested in the outcome.

Taking to Twitter, the talk show host wrote: 'It’s a g’day.

In the case of Comcast, the answer is simple - just steal the technology and ignore the law. Since at least the 1950 Korean War, Congress has meekly surrendered them to the president despite the disastrous results. For half a century after the Second World War, the ever-present realization was that should the U.

The majority of Australia voted yes in the same-sex marriage survey on Wednesday.

And seconds after the result was announced, local and international celebrities flooded social media with celebratory posts.

With the almost-certain passage of tax reform next week, Congress will deliver President Donald Trump's first major legislative victory. S.-Soviet rivalry ever get out of hand, a nuclear war would likely mean the end of both countries and, possibly, the end of human life itself.

It is noteworthy, of course, that the GOP - in charge of both chambers of Congress - has taken so long to achieve a substantive win. The doping scandal unfolding in front of our eyes, with the International Olympic Committee this week banning Russia from participating as a nation in the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea, is instructive for those trying to chart Russia's future. Kelly has ruled in favor of President Trump's right to appoint OMB Director Mick Mulvaney as the acting director of the Consumer Protection Financial Board, CFPB deputy-but-not-acting director Leandra English has ensured herself a minor footnote in history - and, if justice and constitutional government reign, a firing at the hands of her new supervisor.

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