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I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time in the past few days devoted to Tessa and Scott. And so on and so on until I began to think that I had made two new, very talented friends. When they perform, it seems like everything else stops. They tell a story with their movements, with their meaningful looks at one another. In interviews, Tessa looks up at Scott with batted eyelashes, with love. I realized this when I picked up on some very clever editing in the show.It all started when I sat down and watched an episode of the W Network documentary series on the ice dancers. In one episode, Scott is really frustrated with training.But, interestingly, this is where it sort of dies for us because it’s easy to get in our zone.

Even their coach, Marina Zoueva, who has intensely divided loyalties as maestra for the arch-rival American duo as well, said so. tandem slotted first, invested with superior marks in every single category appraised, they were also sent off into Monday’s free dance with a new world record under their belts for the short: 78.89.At the end of their performance — they skated ahead of Davis and White — the Canadians were over-the-moon thrilled. then I looked back at Tessa and she was, like, you left me! Sometimes the excitement gets the best of me and I was staying in character.”Virtue, laughing: “Yeah, I didn’t get the memo on that one.”Both were puzzled by that Level 3 mark.“I was surprised,” said Moir, who had yet to scrutinize the detailed results sheet. This morning I woke up with a big smile on my face. “I think our mindset was right heading into this event, just trying to do our job, focus on the program and stay in the moment.”And what a transcendent moment it was for them at the end of the performance.“I said to Tessa after we finished: That’s the skate that we have been having in practice.Moir even continued a bit of post-skate celebratory choreography.“Ta-tap, ta-tap, ta-tap . “I thought our levels were better than in the team competition, so I’d have to see it. It’s funny because we’re living the dream right now. To do that on this stage, it felt pretty good.”They’d nailed it, the short, better than at any point this past season on the Grand Prix circuit. Except they are not actually sweethearts – at least not in a romantic sense. I’m not arguing that the chemistry we witness when they skate isn’t real. But I do think that they know exactly what they are doing when they evade questions about their relationship.Following this, during an on camera interviews, he says “I’m so lucky to have the perfect person to blow off steam with” It then cuts to a go-kart course. An episode or two later, we see Scott and Tessa walking and laughing together after some stressful training. Yet the producers cut it to make it seem like he was speaking of Tessa.

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