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17-cv-00903 (Eastern District of California brief, filed June 23rd, 2017).

Both are challenging California’s similar statute and are NOT expected to be collapsed, for fear of going forward, as was the NY suit.

It means that whenever an SSTable is created on disk, a corresponding SASI index file is also created. // Full text search on albums title CREATE CUSTOM INDEX albums_title_idx ON music.albums(title) USING 'org.apache.cassandra. POINTERS BLOCKS Term count: 7, Offsets [0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120] Pointer Term (partial ? SASIIndex' WITH OPTIONS = ; Then I deployed a co-located Spark installation on those machines and used a Spark script to inject 1.3 billion rows. I also benchmarked the time it took to build SASI index from existing data: Next, I benchmarked the query latency. First I used server-side paging to fetch all data matching some predicates.

SASIIndex' WITH OPTIONS = ; // Full text search on artist name with neither Tokenization nor case sensitivity CREATE CUSTOM INDEX albums_artist_idx ON music.albums(artist) USING 'org.apache.cassandra. false) : fdcff974-bddd-4c4a-a6ff-6615de31d2a1, Block number : 740. false) : fe20819f-393c-483e-9e2f-cbd8193fdd15, Block number : 741. false) : fe722e4d-25c0-49cd-a9b3-914191e36e9c, Block number : 742. false) : fed46ad8-f5a8-406b-a29e-70e71f1862fd, Block number : 743. false) : ff352093-c3e4-4e57-83f5-fb5b9101e3e9, Block number : 744. false) : ff8c2aab-23d4-4b6e-a706-17dda3a78319, Block number : 745. false) : ffeb113c-0bdc-4be5-b3cf-1e0449b37938, Block number : 746. The second test adds a LIMIT clause with different value to see how it can impact response time. When fetching all the data out of Cassandra using server-side paging, the more predicates we have to narrow down the result set, the faster it is because there are less rows to retrieve, which is quite intuitive.

Those who have completed shooting, will return to the classroom, while the others shoot.

If your group finishes, before all others have completed the cycle, you are free to leave, if you wish.

The East Hampton Cooperative Area and Noyac (part of the Southampton Cooperative Areas) will be open for firearms deer hunting from January 8 – 31; weekdays only. The hunter must write his/her back tag number on the back of the return envelope. If you would like to learn:how to safely handle a firearm,about safe storage options, for your home,about modern or historic firearms,in a female-only class,in a safe, friendly environment and/orabout competitive shooting and/or hunting basics, In the morning, from approximately 9am, until noon, you will be in the classroom, gaining a basic understanding of firearms fundamentals.

DEC regulations require that lands eligible for firearms deer hunting must be at least 10 acres in size, and hunters must possess a valid big game hunting license, a signed landowners endorsement, and a town permit where required.

Deer may be taken only by: Shotgun, using a single ball or slug; Muzzleloading rifle or pistol, shooting a single projectile having a minimum bore of 0.44 inches.

Hunters should check with local towns and villages to determine any local restrictions or discharge ordinances. Each member of a two-hunter party may send one entry.

Hunters who wish to hunt on state-managed lands in Suffolk County will be able to take advantage of the expanded special firearms deer season as well the extended archery season. Drawing entrants will receive a notice telling them when to appear at the Ridge Hunter Check Station to make a reservation to hunt on DEC-managed lands. Hunters looking to archery hunt on state-managed lands during the extended season can hunt at Brookhaven State Park Cooperative Hunting Area, Calverton Pine Barrens State Forest, Carmen’s River Pine Barrens State Forest, East Bartlett Conservation Area, Ridge Conservation Area, Wildwood State Park Cooperative Hunting Area and DEC tidal wetlands that are currently open to archery hunting.

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