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When the number of cells in the conceptus is small and their nature is not yet specialized, the effect of damage to these cells is most likely to take the form of failure to implant, or of an undetectable death of the conceptus; malformations are unlikely or very rare.Since organogenesis starts 3 to 5 weeks post-conception, it was felt that radiation exposure in early pregnancy couldn't result in malformation.Only 53 publications defined overall RHOA, using 21 different definitions based on five grading systems.The K&L scheme remains the most frequently used grading system.Titles and abstracts of 829 publications were reviewed and the full texts of 399 papers were obtained.One hundred fifty-two met the inclusion criteria and 24 additional papers identified from screening references.This means that the conditions should achieve the clinical purpose with the appropriate dose.

A conservative approach used by some radiology facilities is to apply a 10-day rule only for examinations with the potential to deliver a high dose to the lower abdomen and pelvis, such as barium enemas and CT of the abdomen or pelvis.Dose limits do not apply for radiation exposure of patients, since the decision to use radiation is justified depending upon the individual patient situation.When it has been decided that a medical procedure is justified, the procedure should be optimized.» How should I counsel patients on the dose and risk assessment procedures?Radiation exposure of staff» Can a pregnant employee continue to work in the X-ray department?

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