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The ultimate message If you start dating someone who presents any of these extremely unattractive traits, your smartest move is to stop dating him or her immediately.If you are unsure about whether you are being too impulsive in ending it, ask two or three people whose judgment you trust and share your concerns.3 Types of Shame That Hurt Your Dating Life Unreliability Self-disclosure alert: Few things turn me off as much as someone who is unreliable.The unreliable individual is often late; she makes plans but changes them frequently or cancels them at the last minute; he is disorganized; and she commits to things but later backs out.Above all, protect yourself from unnecessary drama so that you have the emotional energy to give to someone who is better for you right from the start! Seth is a licensed clinical psychologist, author, Psychology Today blogger, and TV guest expert.He practices in Los Angeles and treats a wide range of issues and disorders and specializes in relationships, parenting, and addiction.Let me be clear: There is no way to have a healthy, long-term relationship with someone who is unreliable.These individuals haven’t yet grown up and reached a level of maturity where they value basic social conventions: acting like an adult who commits, follows through, and cares about how they affect other people.

If you start dating someone and find that their car or home is a major mess, seriously think about what this means.You can’t rescue someone who is stuck in such primitive, jealous fantasies.That individual needs therapy or a friend to help them heal before they have even the slightest chance of having a happy relationship.Take a look at the ones identified below and you will quickly see how these traits are broad and yet define the essence of what turns you off.Disorganization If you are a messy or disorganized person, perhaps you don’t find disorganization in another person to be an unattractive trait.

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So today, I’m deleting all of my online dating profiles, and venturing out onto a brave new experiment called, “real life”.

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