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Biography, ninja statistics, abilities and jutsus for Deidar. Hier ist Naomi Das ist mein erstes Quiz, dass ich ganz allein ohne Etsuko mache Es geht wie oben schon steht um Deidara Ihr müsst zehn Fragen.So you like the Akatsuki, well see which one would be your boyfriend Other akatsuki members will comment in the end results.TRIVIA QUIZZES: LATEST: POPULAR: Naruto Akatsuki Date (GIRLS ONLY) a quiz personality test you and Deidara: you and Tobi: you and sasori.Akatsuki Dating Sim: Deidara by brooksrainne in Movies & TV 36 Comments Akatsuki Dating Demo 1.2 6 years ago in Games 527 Comments More Like This. Akatsuki dating quiz long results Konan, Sasori, Deidara, Zetsu, Which Akatsuki Member Would Be Your Boyfriend · Akatsuki Quiz you and. Chapter 1: Deidara Hello, and welcome to Akatsuki Blind Date!Chat-bot 5 years ago in The Akatsuki Quiz 6 years ago in Games 75 Comments More Like This. Akatsuki Dating Game Pt 8 You walked around your room You hadn't gone to bed last night so you just kept walking in circles Finally some one knocked on your door.

Author has written 241 stories for Harry Potter, Digimon, Pokémon, Ned's Declassified SSG, Card Captor Sakura, Legend of Zelda, Power Rangers, Mighty Ducks, Naruto, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Fairy Tail, and K-ON! I know it's totally obvious and everything, but it so sweet and cute I think.

On those two sites you'll find all my M/Lemon work though on archiveofourown you'll find more stories on since I am going to be posting more there than adultfanfiction.

Makes it a bit easier on me since then I don't have to post twice on two different sites.

Just doesn't hold a big place in my heart like this one.

Danny Messer & Lindsay Monroe CSI: NYJaden Yuki & Alexis Rhodes (Fianceshipping) Yu-Gi-Oh GXNed Bigby & Jennifer 'Moze' Mosely (Noze) Ned Declassified Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase Percy Jackson and the Olympians Leo Corbett & Kendrix Morgan Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - this was one of the first Power Ranger couples that I was into so it holds a nice chunk of my heart.

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