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The Japanese Army did not have special prisons for female prisoners of war.Qiu shares an account from a Japanese soldier who said that female POWs were sent to the frontline barracks where they were confined as “comfort women”.“In the book I use the term comfort women in quotation marks on the first reference to communicate that this is a term which is not acceptable, not only to the survivors, but also the researchers,” Qiu says.The “comfort women” system began after the Japanese army invaded Manchuria in Northeast Asia in 1932.She notes that others have suggested patriarchal rules of gender are so deeply ingrained in the military of all nations that there is a general insensitivity to women’s rights.Tokyo says that no documentary evidence has been found to prove the direct involvement of the Japanese government or the military of forcing women into comfort stations.“Outside of government circles, Japanese conservative writers and nationalist activists have argued that ‘comfort women’ were professional prostitutes in wartime brothels run by private agencies and that neither the state nor the military were involved,” Qiu says.

Qiu shared the story of Liu Mianhuan, who was 15 years old when Japanese soldiers abducted her in front of her mother.

The pain in my lower body was excruciating to the point that I could neither sit nor stand.

Since I could not walk, when I needed to go to the latrine I had to crawl on the ground.’ What a living hell’,” Qiu says.

Qiu suggests that after the war, the International Military Tribunal for the Far East stopped short of holding the leaders of the Japanese military and government responsible for the military comfort stations.

Qiu says some scholars suspect racial prejudice, as most of the victims of enforced sexual slavery were not white; some white women in Southeast Asia, such as Dutch descendants in the East Indies, did become “comfort women”.

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