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Despite its intent, LEOSA does not preempt all state laws. § 930(a) an individual is prohibited from possessing or attempting to possess a firearm in a federal facility, which is broadly defined in the statute to include "a building or part thereof owned or leased by the federal government, where federal employees are regularly present for the purpose of performing their official duties."While the ban on possession in federal facilities appears to be well understood and recognized by those carrying under LEOSA, the exemptions which allow individuals with a state-issued permit to carry concealed firearms in federal park lands and through GFSZs (gun-free school zones) are not. An examination of the legislative history, as well as two cases addressing the issue, clearly demonstrates that LEOSA applies to all firearms except those specifically exempted.

I HAVE BEEN RETIRED 20 YEARS NOW AND STILL WHOULD REUP IF I WASNT OLDER. Lamebrain")I hope you're comment wasn't directed to Roger Prince. If it was, you must be one of those "wanna-be-cops that just couldn't make it. I have been stopped twice on traffic stops, and advised the officer that I was a retired Trooper with a LEOSA permit (twice in Michigan and once in Nebraska) and had several loaded handguns in the car.

BUT I ALWAYS SHOWED RESPECT FOR GUYS THAT WERE RETIRED THEY PAVED THE WAY FOR ME……….. None of the officers even wanted to see the guns (as I believe they had a right to do).

Right after I obtained my LEOSA permit/credentials 4 years ago, I attended a Federal Training class at a Federal facility.

I cannot Cary under leosa because our IDs say nothing about being law enforcement.

But under 14USC89 it states petty commissioned and warrant officers have law Enforcement powers and on my id it says Petty Officer but that is it goods enough for this law.

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