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They are: This wiki is an effort made by all the fans of the game.

(*solo para Tsundere: Habrá ocasiones en las que el papel de débil o fuerte sean reversibles)"​ El concepto ha recibido creciente atención en Japón, con la apertura de un café de temática tsundere en Akihabara y productos del mismo tema fueron lanzados (como el conjunto de televisión portátil Takara Tomy).Having lost her memory, the protagonist finds herself as a student at the W Academy where all of the other 'countries' are studying, and navigates through her days and locations at the school, experiencing encounters and building friendships and romances." Cancel A Format is an R-18 Hetalia dating sim made by the creator of Heta Oni , Tomoyoshi . After coming ashore, she wanders through town and eventually finds herself at the World Academy , where the nations there allow her to stay and study with them.As year goes on, she makes new friends and maybe more while she attempts to uncover who she really is and what the future holds for her.After Winter 15, the protagonist is no longer able to gain any more likeability.Instead, the game initiates the ending plot, whose events are based upon who the protagonist is closest to and how many hearts she has with him or her.

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These generally grant higher amounts of likeability and can potentially involve more than one character depending on the event and the protagonist's choices.

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