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IF EVERY THING IN ITS ENTIRETY IS NOT ENTIRELY REMOVED FROM MY PROFILE TO INCLUDE MY IMAGES I WILL EMPLOY AN ATTORNEY AND FILE SUIT. And do some homework before you give a guy your phone number or email.NOT TO MENTION EVERY AGENCY I INTEND TO REPORT YOU TO. Someone is getting rich on a major scam dating site. Sure, it's not as good as some of the lesser known sites like We Just Fit or Match but still, it can get you results if you play things patiently and dont expect to find the woman of your dreams in five minutes.and she's single and I am supposed to feel sorry for her?She was previously married so that's a strike against her. Sure I may have mental handicap but guess what I have a 165 IQ.I reported the user to POF and they did not delete his account.Shame on POF staff members for letting liars catfish women!!! MY ACCOUNT WAS COMPROMISED WHEN I LOST MY LAST PHONE.BARBARA S cc: Depart of Consumer Affairs Consumer Fraud Division https:// Federal Bureau of Investigation United States Department of Defense. Sure theyre a big company with big advertising budgets but you still have to make an effort. In my experience and ive been dating online for a long time now, you get what you put in.

I paid for a three-month membership () and essentially have been ripped off since the site is basically useless to me unless women can see my face photos. I'm 46 and yeah I want to date someone younger, so what? (giggles_n_laffs) wrote this on her profile I am not making this up at all?

And I know most of it was directed at the people on there.

But guess what it's very important to look at the site as a whole.

I sent several emails to their "Help" department with no reply whatsoever. As soon as I made it clear via text that I wasn't into booty calls, guys would disappear. That's why Included her handle in this "**** I'm very allergic to cats, dumb******, and A-holes**** ....

Now I am posting as many negative reviews as possible and taking this up with the suitable consumer fraud government agencies. If I gave out my number, conversations got more graphic. so, don't be a cat, dumbass or A-hole ;) I've had friends describe POF as the "trailer park and bottom of the barrel" of dating sites.... Here is another one (Miss_Piggy_Peahead) I mean you want to talk about delusional lol!

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How can a business based on internet traffic have no way of customers getting tech support.

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