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And if jazz is already your normal bag, try something else, natch: Irish ballads, reggae, even choral music can be a nice switch. If you live near a planetarium, there may be a heavenly body in your future. There’s a good chance it will offer a star-studded lecture you can attend.

Exploring a new flavor of music may not be a runaway hit for both of you, but it’s bound to spark your ears — and perhaps your lips — the first time you try it. There’s something magical about watching (and learning about) the planets and stars we live beneath. Or go outside on a cool fall night and snuggle together under a blanket as you study the night sky. Encourage animal magnetism If your town or city has a zoo, it may hold a “zoo night” at least once a year.

If this isn’t an option for you price-wise or space-wise, visit a massage school that’s open at night, or find a spa that stays open late. Jazz things up If you never met a rock song you didn’t like, switch music genres for a night.

Visit a jazz club, perhaps, for its sultry low lights and mournful horns.

Think about it: Your bodies are erect and close, your legs intertwined — and skirts may be slit to the thigh.

Check local dance studios or even a YMCA for lessons.

That’s the kind of thing we probably wouldn’t do on our own, but with a group it was easy and fun. If you don’t have your own gear, look for a guided trip that includes everything you need. • Go to the gym and work out, then enjoy a light meal on the way home. Download my free ebook – The Busy Woman’s Guide to Quick and Healthy Meals.) My husband and I have bikes we haven’t used very often, so we’re hoping to ride our bikes more over the next few months.

Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone (just a bit) and come up with some healthy and fun date ideas? What kinds of active, healthy and fun date ideas have you and your husband tried?

One way to save money on them (and to get some great ideas) is to sign up to receive notices about healthy and outdoor activities Living Social or a similar services. • Take a long walk and then enjoy your own healthy picnic.For most of us, getting married and having children dramatically reduces the number of dates we have time, money and energy to enjoy with our husbands.Just coming up with fun date ideas seems to take too much energy!It’s a great time to go: The animals are up and the crowds are down.Some zoos tack on concerts, or offer special behind-the-scenes visits to “friends of” groups.

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