Dishonesty in online dating

Images of Sainsbury smiling and appearing calm as she is arrested by customs staff at Bogota Airport led people to believe she did not understand the gravity of her situation, something she denies.'I was extremely worried. It hit me when I got back to the police station, it was like hitting a brick wall,' she said.

The 22-year-old was dubbed 'Cocaine Cassie' after narcotics police alleged they had found 5.9 kilograms of the drug in her luggage in April this year.

They give a receipt when taking parcels into their care, but won’t accept responsibility for losing them.’In fact, Royal Mail has been selling lost, or what it calls ‘undeliverable’ parcels, for decades.

It insisted it makes great efforts to make sure items are delivered to correct addresses as expected.

It runs live and online auctions selling more than 5,000 items a week from a range of sources.

She's playful in an odd way.' Hundreds on social media slammed the accused smuggler and said her story was 'hard to believe.''Bizarre body language from Cassie Sainsbury,' one viewer wrote, while another said: 'Sainsbury is a really hilariously bad liar'. I know it's a brothel but that doesn't necessarily make me a prostitute,' Sainsbury said.

The issue came to light following problems suffered by online trader Gary Cannell, who sells model racing cars to British enthusiasts.

He sold a collection of nine cars made in Spain under the Scaleauto brand, which can be used on Scalextric tracks, to a British customer for a total of £403.66 including VAT and delivery.

The 22-year-old also claimed she can't remember the code to unlock her mobile phone, which she said contains evidence that could potentially clear her name.

But body language expert Michael Kelly said Sainsbury's constant movements throughout the interview suggested dishonesty.'When you're touching your neck, scratching your head, it's like you're trying to hide the truth,' he told Daily Mail Australia.'If people are telling the truth, they don't usually move their hands about.

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