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Ros, 129, 165 Genery, W., 65 Gill, Edmund D., (with K. Mc Kenzie) 64, 161 Goode, John, 263 Gray, Christine E., 196, 347 Hamilton-Smith, E., 292, 294, 358 Hampton, J. It may be argued that Parker stated that the ceremony was held in February, 1968 37 a secluded spot, and that the place now under review was too close to the Station to be secluded. Some of those in Europe are quite small; while those in warmer climates tend to be larger, as is the case of the most common species to be found in Melbourne suburbs. Some were with tentacles, long or short, red or green; some had none, with bodies of red or grey. Later, the following were also asked to take part: — Messrs.

Hampton) 184 Galbraith, Jean, 49, 129, 268, 321 Garnet, J. We shall be very glad to hear of any other localities in Vic- toria where Spartina is growing, or where it is known to have been in- troduced in the past. Certainly, fires were lit, but these would hardly leave an impression today, especially since the ground has been cultivated. Actually, this family of Casemoths is large and worldwide; with about twenty species being resident in Aus- tralia. There were about 14 different varieties of seaweed of the smaller species (from 2" to 6" in length), ranging in colour through red, green, brown and black. There were about six varieties of Sea Anemone, varying in size from less than i an inch across to about 3i inches across.

Spartina was planted in the creek at about high tide level, above the mangrove (Avicennia marina) swamps, and it has expanded slowly during the past ten years. He suggested the possibility of planned burning for parts of the Grampians. Not that Parker was unobservant: this is evi- dent by the details of the natives' daily life which he gave in his "Lect- ure on the Aborigines of Australia". After all Parker was basically a Churchman, not an anthropologist. Organization We are still finding it difficult to find willing volunteers, but what is | not often realized is the matter is com- ! and ourselves have once again demonstrated the popu- larity of this event, with an all time attendance record over the three days of 7,142 people. As to whether the politicians benefit — only time will tell. A visit was made to the Zinc Cor- poration mine at South Broken Hill, where officers conducted the party around the surface workings and to the fine museum of minerals and model of the lode, and to the beautiful lake with many water birds and lush vegeta- toin. Cecil Learmonth, and from whom he had obtained full directions as to its location. Learmonth located the trap, which was found to be undisturbed. This acacia, dain- tiest of the Whipstick wattles, flowers during August and September. Hammett August, 1968 233 took the chair for a short period in 1944, but Mr.

townsendii marshes in Britain: Corner Inlet is much like Poole Harbour in physiography and sedimentological characteristics, except that its sandy shoals are more exten- sive. In Kings Park repeated light burning is not detrimental to insects. The ethnologist is thus able to col- late the several finds and to recon- struct some of the activities of the local aborigines which apparently escaped the notice of Parker. 85 In this there are many shrewd com- ments which, in most cases, meet the requirement of present day studies; but the aborigines were shrewd also, and knowing how he would not ap- prove of certain aspects of their lives, these were no doubt hidden from him. White the Assistant Editor and old time member Dudley Dickison, well known for his work on birds. Wildlife Protection Because of the internal changes in organization, the activity in this field April, 1968 109 has not been as great as in previous years. We and other bodies have also been approached by Parliamentarians to give our policies on conservation. Marie Allender many points of interest; including old mine sites, the fire place of the first B. In many places around the city, mag- nificent displays of the famous Sturt's Desert Pea in bloom were admired. Traps were also erected in the Stony Rises, across some of the valleys which carried the overflow from the lake. Noel Learmonth the well-known naturalist and historian of Portland; and he volunteered to guide usf to one which had been discovered some time previously by his brother, Mr. It is not here proposed to enlarge on the difficulties encountered in walking in this type of country; suffice it to say that, in due course, we, or rather, Mr. Perhaps the most beautiful sight in the Whipstick is a shrub of Gold-dust Wattle with the sunlight glinting from countless golden blos- soms as the slender branches sway gently in the wind. Mitchell remained President at most meetings until about 1948 when he was unable to attend regularly. One of the few reports of a meeting ever recorded in The Victorian Naturalist is re- peated below: — It was written by Miss M.

This would be an hist- orical event, thus commemorated. Heat the mixture in glass or porcelain until it reaches boiling point, and immediately allow it to cool. formalin (38-40 per cent, formaldehyde) to each 100 ml. (50 ml.) hexagonal brown glass drop- ping bottle used by pharmacists for dispensing eye drops. charge of each of the media "B", "C", "D", and "E" will be sufficient for many months of work by each user. Quite often, one sees the Saunders Casemoth suspended from overhead wires or roof guttering. Here the ants crossed a patch of very hard ground leading to their nest in the roots of a fairly large snow gum tree.

Aborigines always had a good reason for their nomenclature. Franklin, Lal-jham-boorp, for in- stance, has got a split head. Yandoit, on the other hand, was probably Yandoeeth, Messenger, suggesting that something happened in respect to a messenger at that place. "E", 50 per cent, glycerol: Mix equal volumes of pure glycerol and water. The most convenient form of bench bottle for all these media is the 2 oz. Monday, 4 March — Entomology and Marine Biology Group. During the winter, the case hangs from some support reasonably high above ground. My ignorance is apparent, and I do not speak or read foreign tongues. Then for 10 feet the tunnel was still intact, whilst the remain- ing 4 feet was an open track, polished with use. Many hundreds of names and addresses of interested young people were obtained.

About 50 yards west of the stones there is another arrangement consist- ing of a large flat boulder set up on a little mound of earth, encircled by a number of lesser blocks of quartz and quartzite. The evidence that this is in reality the work of aborigines and not of white men rests mainly upon the fact that farmers and miners would have been too busy to spend their time arranging stones. He pur- chased the paddock about 12 years ago from a man, now dead, who was much more interested in mining than in farming pursuits. Made up in bulk, the media cost very little, and their formulation is free from doubt. From the illustrations, it is quite ap- parent that the construction of the sil- ken case is quite varied in each spe- cies; and for the keen and patient ob- server there awaits sufficient reward in establishing the reasons for these variations. Mussels were plentiful, and colonies of baby ones were on the rocks at the water's edge. Its native name was Lar-ne-barramul, Lar — camp, ne = of the, barramul = emu. Di- vide the solution into three equal parts, each of 240 ml. February, 1968 41 "B", Plain lactophenol: Solution A, 240 ml. "C", Blue lactophenol: Make up a stock solution of 0-5 per cent, cotton blue (powder dye), [1 g. water], warming and stir- ring it until the dye has dissolved. "D", Coppered Lactophenol: This mountant preserves the green colour of algae, mosses, and the like. water, copper acetate 1 g., and copper chloride 1 g.; (or 8 g. No mounting medium has a refractive index as low as that of water, and therefore all material should be examined in temporary water mounts. meeting in the Rechabite Hall, 251 High Street, Preston (north from Bell Street), at 8 p.m. After five or six weeks, the emergent young lower themselves on July, 1968 201 202 Vict. 85 silken threads to the ground, spin for themselves conical cases of silk looking like small dunce's caps, and begin the cycle of events once more. Monday, 5 August — Entomology and Marine Biology Group. Help from any member to collect, mount and classify a collection of Aus- tralian seaweeds, would be greatly ap- preciated. Its total length was 35 feet, but for a distance of 21 feet the roof had fallen in, showing the stream of ants passing to and fro. The Show was officially opened on 16/11/42 by the Mayor of Hawthorn, and remained open for a month. Then came the gold-rush, followed by the making of the stone fences, which spelt the end of these arrange- ments throughout Victoria, with the sole exception, as far as I am aware, of the one at Carisbrook (see Massola, Vict. Franklin, and just around the corner from the stone arrangement. Mix the constituents and warm them in a glass beaker or por- celain basin, stirring with a glass rod until the crystals have dissolved. This is the working medium for all material which does not require staining. Solution "C" is used for colourless material which becomes virtually in- visible in plain lactophenol. Its refrac- tive index is somewhat lower than that of lactophenol, and it therefore shows up fine markings which disappear in lactophenol, such as the finely detailed sculpturing of fungus spores. — enter through private gate at south end of building.) Wednesday, 6 March — Geology Group. (This group meets in the Library of the Fisheries and Wildlife Dept., Flinders Street extension, at 7.45 p.m.) Thursday, 14 March — Botany Group Meeting. The active caterpillar is abroad for about one year, feeding and en- larging the case; and according to Leach in Australian Nature Studies, it is about February that the wingless female casemoth protrudes the end of her abdomen from the lower end of the case, is fertilized by the winged male, and deposits the eggs inside the case. Thursday, 1 August — Mammal Survey Group; meets in Fisheries and Wildlife Dept. Friday, 2 August — Junior Meeting at Rechabite Hall, 251 High Street, Preston, at 8 p.m. Enter through private entrance at south end of house. The seaweeds in particular, were very beautiful; some looking like miniature full-grown eucalypts under the hand glass. A closer inspection revealed it was an ant corridor, made just under the surface of the ground. Norman) 120 Marston, Robert, 6, 130 Massola, Aldo, 33, 99, 132, 197, 317 Norman, F. Where it is accessible to cattle along the sides of adjacent reclamation banks, Spartina has been strongly grazed. Spartina marshes in southern England, VI: Pattern of invasion in Poole Harbour. He claims to have witnessed a number of cor- roborees, or Yepene, as they were called in his district, but these could never be referred to as ceremonies, being rather in the nature of panto- mimes and dances staged for the amusement of all. We badly need younger people to train for Council, an elec- tion is no longer the time to look for office-bearers, the club organization has grown too complicated to learn in five minutes and can have a very tiring effect on people forced to as- sume office for fear of letting the club down. We understand that with modern methods the manufacturing time has been cut from several million years to 26 weeks. There is a renewed interest in a Park in the Brisbane Ranges, but this will still take some time. Silverton, the ghost town, still has some old buildings including churches, munici- pal buildings, gaol, school and hotel. Next day, a stop for lunch was made at Hattah Lakes which, although showing signs of drying on the edges, had a great collection of bird life. Baines said that butchers were selling kangaroo meat not only for pets, but for human consumption, and it was a real threat to the existence of the kanga- roo. 85 Hill trip, very few kangaroos had been seen except when approaching the Murray river on watered areas. Cones of Bunya Bunya Pine (Araucaria bid- will ii). The valley to the east was dry, but quite deep, and would probably carry too much water to be of any use as a fish trap. rotundifolia) is found mostly in the central and nor- thern Whipstick. In August 1967 several isolated tussocks of Spartina were observed at the mouth of Poor Fellow Me Creek, below the lower limit of mangroves, and a few plants had colonized the Zostera- carpeted tidal shoals farther out. One of these hidden aspects was no doubt the holding of initiation cere- monies, since they are not alluded to in any of Parker's writings. plicated by the population sprawl as Melbourne spreads further in the suburbs, ideally, the Council Mem- bers should consult as often as pos- sible, but in practice find themselves separated by distances of anything up to 30 miles. This success is only due to the hard work of our band of enthusiasts who start planning in earnest six months beforehand. Mclnnes and the Hawthorn Juniors are the proprietors of Instant Caves Ltd.: the caves come in assorted sizes com- plete with stalactites and stalagmites. To this date we have been working on a Public Appeal to overcome the effects of the drought on wildlife, but this may fizzle out if the present rain continues. The Wildlife refuge at the empty Stephens Creek reservoir showed kan- garoos and emus feeding on the green grass at the bottom. Flinders heavy whelk (Al- tivasum flindersi), a rare deep water salmon whelk, obtained from a lobster pot at Kangaroo Island, S. Both he and his brother know the whereabouts of other traps in the stones, but this particular one was noteworthy because it was in perfect condition. I was thus enabled to note the follow- ing particulars: The trap is about 5 miles south-west of Lake Condah and one mile east of Homerton; and is situated about one mile in from the south-west edge of the Mt. The rises at that point have all the characteristics of this type of country, consisting of the usual barriers separated by depres- sions and valleys. The most westerly contains deep, still water, covered with a yellow scum, and over- grown with reeds. Kelly, c/o National Herbarium, The Domain, South Yarra, 3141. Seldom taller than three feet, the Spoon Wattle {A.

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