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In those days it was known as Slo and went on to be known as, the even more enticing, Sloo.

In the 15th century, due to the town's French influence it was called Le Slow, Slowe or even just plain and simple Slow.

First dates are an awfully awkward experience at the best of times.

There's the choosing what outfit/get-up/gold chain to wear, there's choosing a venue that doesn't reveal how much of a tight-fisted gimmer you really are while also not breaking the bank completely, and then there's the fact that meeting other people is generally a terrible experience anyway. Regardless of whether your confidence levels are Cautious George low or Kanye West high, you're still meeting a relative stranger, who knows very little about your personality, your hopes and dreams, or your morning Zumba routine.

The town centre, for example, is home to several economy hotel chains - ideal for anyone visiting Berkshire, London or simply passing by.To celebrate the town's waterways you can also visit the annual Slough Canal Festival in September, including arts and crafts for sale and many outdoor activities.If you're looking for activities to get your pulse racing or to keep the kids amused, Slough has its fair share of these too.Why not make a weekend of it and book into a luxury hotel or country club with a spa around Slough?Mention Slough and images of tranquil lakes and woodland probably don't spring to mind.

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These include Grand Prix racing simulators, trampoline parks and karting.

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