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I've cried, talked, sacrificed and beat myself up many times as to what the problem is since she was 15 years old and she started behaving this way little by little with simmering disrespect with an undercurrent of dislike directed towards me.

She accuses me of being a unlovable daughter, my bank breaks because I am giving them money from time to time even though I don't need to."It led to a point where I called the CDA, they took my information, and they say that they were gonna call me and nothing," James said.James said that she discovered that her daughter was molested while bathing her the day after she returned from her Christmas vacation at her father's home in Manchester.I'm tired of being treated like a convenience for money, room and board, and disregarded and disrespected otherwise.We had a really bad fight last night over her disrespect again which escalated to the point that I pushed her away from me. As I read this, I cried heftily because I am being harrassed and disrespected by my own mother.

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