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My first dates should have been at Mc Donald’s, but instead they were at five-star restaurants."And those were the types of guys that were mostly attracted to you? I’ve always been sort of the smart girl in the class. I didn’t have the life experience, but I was really bright, so it was a good combination for them."How did those experiences frame your idea of yourself in the dating world? It’s still having residual reverberations in my life now.

But being fat also made me want to be the smartest person, because I had to have all these compensatory personality traits. Like one of the things I’m living with right now — so I’m Latina. I grew up with boys who looked like me, but they all hated me because I was fat.

I mean, in my experience, that kind of explicit sex and fetish talk doesn’t really happen until after we’ve slept together a few times.

I’m currently dating two cisgendered men right now. We don't need to have our bodies tethered to our entire existence."It’s funny to hear what men say when they think they’re being complimentary.I was doing a photo shoot the other day, and these guys were looking on and yelling ‘You’re beautiful!So it’s wild, because I was getting introduced to white men, and they were so into me.I went from my whole world being brown to my dating world being white. So now I’m woke, and I have life experience, and these same white businessmen who I’m still attracted to, because they were the only guys who would date a fat girl like me off this phone line, just aren’t cutting it ideologically anymore. So I’m not of the weight or the body shape that typically gets fetishized. And it’s like, I’m fat all over — I’m not just busty.

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  1. Kom je hier uit de buurt en heb je zin in een spannende sexdate dan hoop ik snel iets van je te horen. Ik heb ook het vermoeden dat hij buiten de deur aan het eten is, daarom ben ik op zoek naar een ervaren en vooral discrete man die mij een heerlijke sexdate kan bezorgen.