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We’ve been taught that the content that gets the most reaction is the ‘best’.In other words, we’ve been taught that social media is about creating content that gets the most Likes, the most RTs. Folks being engaged with someone’s content is NOT being engaged with them.By just describing it as “rep-whoring,” we've cut off much hope of learning if another motivation might apply - we’ve we know the motivation, and given it a nasty name, so any users involved who might wish to actually explain their motivations don’t even think we're talking about (non-whore-esque) folks like them. Once a thing has a name, you tend to start seeing it everywhere.That's part of the positive power of language: by giving a complex thing a shorthand term, it’s easier to identify it quickly, just by matching a couple of key variables.

We’ll be getting all social and discussing this tonight at #Dad Chat, starting at 8pm Central on Twitter. Granted, I’m no @Lttle Wys, but I at least lurk in a few every week.The one thing I’ve noticed is the ‘power’ Twitter users, say those with over 50,000 followers, almost never join Twitter chats. In other words, if they can’t be the center of attention, it’s not worth their time.But here’s the funny thing: Using terms like “rep-whore” tends to our ability to break down situations and learn where the system does have real problems or unintended consequences.Labeling users with names that almost no one would call themselves reduces two-sided discourse and learning.

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Caring about getting lots of rep is a little like caring about getting lots of money - it seems to be a problem that is only diagnosed as afflicting swerve your car without warning, you know you’re a responsible driver coping as best you can with challenging circumstances - you saw something in the road, or your kid finally succeeded in pitching a gummy bear into your ear.

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