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We take care of everything complicated, everything tedious, all the technical stuff. misguided (at best) or flat out hurtful to your efforts (at worst). There are also way too many folks who mistakenly believe they can save a few dollars by figuring it all out. The Study turned out to be much more than "just" a study. rigorously and reproducibly, leaving no stone unturned. We were so shocked at the poor performance of this competitor's product that we decided to It has never been in the industry's interest to do this. An entire industry seems to be generating very few winners, relative to SBI! Barring special circumstances, that much traffic boils down to near-zero income. We have refined and perfected it, while evolving it to optimize/leverage the use of new developments. provides everything that Word Press does not, all the business-building steps -building steps of the SBI! That's half-price for a product that's otherwise identical to what has made such a high percentage of SBIers so successful... Your business-building training and education continue with the vast Knowledge Base.

What you, the WP-using solopreneur, need most is a partner who focuses on your success as much as you do. We noted something important about participants in forums and groups... But those affiliates are still out there, making money by undermining your chance of success. Preliminary data points toward "more of the same poor results." The 30,000 ft view is starting to look like this.... It's too much for most solopreneurs to figure out and keep up with. Did you know that the average solopreneur website gets fewer than 1500 visits per month (50 visits per day)? has been taking solopreneurs (even raw "newbies") through an ordered, all-in-one -building program. The web-based learn-as-you-do approach is the key to building a business from the ground up. And don't worry — we keep you both on track and up-to-date...

First impressions count, so use separate screen names for your business related contacts.

The same goes for your avatar; which is a picture/photo associated with your profile.

It can't help you with social media, nor perform optimal keyword research and niche selection. But for every 100 hours that we spend doing all this for you, there may only be one useful nugget to share. For example, instead of buying third-party software to add a membership site to your non-Word Press website (figuring out how to use it and so forth), you simply plug that functionality into your Word Press site. As believers and supporters of "the little guy," we hope to spark Big Co's into asking, is wonderful (control, independence and freedom). Worse, following bad information (well-meaning or a scam) can set you back by months. But if we're not right for each other, we're glad you had the courage to give it a shot. We discovered the fit during a study to discover which sitebuilding tools solopreneurs were using and how they were doing with them. The failure rate was terrible for all solopreneur groups. Instead of just one search, you can do three different kinds of searches, depending on what it is you're trying to discover.

Commence a conversation much the same way as you would in a business telephone call e.g.

Find out what the top ten ranked sites are for that target keyword and see them within your Word Press page or post tool, along with ten additional related sites for each.

Experience how quickly you'll uncover previously hidden business and monetization opportunities.

Those are all part of One of the most important differences of SBI! Sitebuilding/web hosting services know this, which is why they start you off with "pick your domain name." What a disservice. goes deeper and delivers more business-relevant information and functionality than any other tool).

And that brings us to something you must be wondering about by now... The The irrelevance of sitebuilders (to online profitability) is obvious when you stop to think about it. It's not going to help you grow or monetize traffic. The rest is "noise" or worse (bad information, Get Rich Quick, etc.). Even if you Lack of time leads most solopreneurs into taking shortcuts. It was actually slightly more dismal for solopreneurs using WP (although not at the highest statistical level of significance). Word Press is powerful sitebuilder/blogging software. (There are also 2 even-deeper brainstorms — these are used much later, when you feel you have "maxed out" on content for your niche.) Brainstorm It!

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