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The only real negative is the sheer length of the days which hop backward at sunrise by 5 minutes every day and lengthen the other end of the day by the same amount as well. in a word stunning we had snow, sunshine, frost and some gorgeous morning and evening light which was just breathtaking.

One particularly memorable morning saw the snow clad mountains of Selfjord lit up like red glowing candles, I am of course a film lover and I cannot wait to see how they turn out.

If you are interested in THIS course please either CONTACT me directly or pay the deposit which will reserve your place. or a considerable time now I have been mulling over the disturbing possibility that the human trade in such products as ivory and rhino horn and the general indifference on display in respect of animal conservation, typically trophy hunting of some of the most spectacular animals on planet Earth, could mean that my children and future generations might never get the opportunity to see such awesome animals as lion, giraffe, elephant, leopard and rhino outside of the sanitised and false environment of a zoo.

Man seems a just a little bit insignificant and in the case of lion and leopard a bit further down the food chain.great many pictures will centre around Moray and undoubtedly there will be other familiar and not so familiar locations displayed in all shapes, sizes and finishes upon the gallery walls adjacent to the Elgin Library at Cooper Park Elgin.Contact the library to check on opening times and accessibility to the gallery and please do sign our visitor's book.On a personal note I have a vested interest in the survival of film and I am keen that others enjoy the benefits too.To that end I have introduced a service that I hope will fill the gap in the middle.

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ow that my two children are growing up and getting involved in more and more activities and I find myself having to chaperone them and drive them to various events, it is only natural perhaps that I will end up taking a few snaps along the way.

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