Bai ling dating chris isaak

She revealed it in the last episode of Celebrity Rehab on U. The beautiful actress said, the man made her drunk during a fancy meal and took her to the loft and slept with her while she was a teen.

She admitted that she was drunk and did not like to make love with him. Maybe, that incident had a huge impact on Bai Ling due to which she is not looking forward to a long term relationship.

They began dating in 1999 but their relationship didn't last for more than a year and they broke up in 2000.

Three years after her break up with Chris, Ling went on to date an American Comedian and television personality Bill Maher.

When it comes to personal life, Bai is not so frank. Bai Ling does not want to reveal her personal matters to the media.

Neither, she updates it in her Instagram account so it’s very hard for us to guess what going on with her. She is known to be with 7 different men from 1999 to 2009. They dated for almost a year and after having hard times in their relationship, they broke up.

Also, none of her Instagram posts are full proved evidence of her romantic affairs, however, there are a few pictures of her with men whom we may assume as her boyfriend or husband.

Here're some of those photos, guys check it out. And I was so surprised that he saw this movie and give me such a compliment very grateful ????

Not in any of her recent interviews, she has hinted of any romantic relationship she is in currently.

The very popular Bai Ling is all the way from China.

During her career, she moved to the United States and living there since.

Like her professional career, the personal life of Bai Ling is also pretty interesting.

The 50-year-old Bai Ling carries a long list of boyfriends but the question is if she is dating someone currently or not?

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